Aaron HoyComment


The landmine has been around for ages, it's not some new piece of equipment, only the design is new. What was once a barbell wedged into the corner of a gym is now a multi-directional weighted sleeve that a barbell fits into.

Although there are many advantages, a fat bar grip, easily add heavier weights, and unusual angles not targeted by machines or free weights,  I typically only see a few moves being done with landmines. In many gyms, you will only see squats, trunk twists, and "T-Bar" rows. Among the many, below are my top 10 must-do landmine exercises.

1.  Two-Handed Offset Landmine Squat (shown alternating)

May also be done each side individually. Very functional and applicable to real life where you will often encounter unbalanced weighted objects. Spine neutrality and core engagement is the key to this one.


2. Single Leg Landmine RDL (shown perpendicular)

Using a landmine, instead of a dumbbell, allows you to focus on raising your back leg more-so than touching the ground with the dumbbell. The cue when attempting single leg RDLs should always be that raising the back leg lowers the weight, not vice versa.


3. Deficit Landmine Reverse Lunge

These really get the glutes and legs firing. Start on a 2"-4" incline, this gets you greater range of motion and more glute activation. Be sure to keep your spine neutral. 


4. Hollow Body Landmine ALTERNATING SINGLE ARM Shoulder Press

Keep the core engaged and feet off the floor. Can be done without alternating as well. You may hold the unused arm out to your side for balance, but as your core becomes stronger, it will not be necessary.


5. Landmine Overhead Squat

Keep your spine neutral and drop those hips low. Overhead squats usually require some flexibility to keep your arms overhead as you squat, but thats where the landmine comes in handy. Unlike a barbell that could move forward as you squat while being less flexible, the landmine will provide resistance helping to push and keep those arms overhead as you squat.


6. Landmine Sumo Squat

Please use this one. It is so much easier on your lower back than using a barbell and much more effective as you can go lower than using a dumbbell. Huge glute activation with this and as always keep you spine neutral. 


7. Half-Kneeling Landmine Trunk Twist

Kneeling ensures you keep your legs out of the motion. It also isolates one side at a time versus doing them standing. Lower the bar and then explode it back to the top.


8. Push Up w/ Landmine Roll OuT

Use your core to bring that landmine back underneath your shoulder. Be sure to keep your body straight, both as you lower and return to the starting position.


9. Kneeling Landmine Lat Raise

Again, kneeling ensures that there is no cheating with the legs and it is a natural range of motion using the landmine. It ensures that you end slightly in front of your shoulder and not directly out  from it.


10. Decline Bench Landmine Sit Up (dual and single arm are shown)

Love these. It ensures that you sit up straight and not crunch your spine. Takes the guesswork out of using medicine balls where the cue is to raise the ball straight up, keeping it above your head, the landmine guarantees this. Using the single arm is also shown because it's a toss up here, consider it 10A and 10B. Resist turning your core, shoulders, or chest while completing the single arm sit up, keep your core engaged!