Buying Online Training "Programs"

Aaron HoyComment

First off, any trainer or fitness professional that is selling you an 8, 10, 12 week program for any more than a few dollars is a rip-off, a used car salesman-like scammer. And I don't give a shit if I piss them off, it's true. This is a service industry and if you're not providing an ongoing service, don't be charging for it. These cookie cutter, made for everyone programs are crap! That's not providing a service, that's a lack of knowledge and laziness just trying to make a buck. No one "program" addresses the needs of many. They are not custom, they are not personalized. They are cookie cutter, generalized workout guides, not programs. A great trainer makes their money by making great adjustments to their programs, just as any great sports coach. You lay out a gameplan for that specific client and then you make the correct adjustments as they progress . If no adjustments are made, it's not specific to that client, and it's merely a gameplan or guide. If this is what you seek, save your money because these guides can be found in any strength, fitness, or muscle magazine for the last several decades. But on social media you may pay upwards of $125 for 8 weeks of some "custom program" from one of these fitness pros from Instagram.

A training program worth anything will be customized to you, specifically you. You are unlike anyone else. Your strengths and your weaknesses will decide what progressions you should be prescribed and how fast you should progress through them. A training program should be updated weekly or more often. If subject A is able to complete the prescribed 3 sets of 12, but subject B can't complete them, how are both moving on to the same exercises, sets, and reps the following week? What about injuries? Present or past? And how often do you find you're able to do supersets in your gym or even get to the 2 or 3 machines that are on opposite sides of the gym? How customized is that?  Do you travel? How well does that 12 week program from super social media trainer with 1.2 million followers adapt to that hotel gym? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking before forking over your hard earned cash. 

If you're looking for training guides, there's 1000s online for free as well in any magazine for a few bucks. If you're looking for something customized specifically to your body and your goals, I suggest hiring a trainer and if that's too costly, then hire a trainer to write you weekly programs is also an option. There's many ways to afford training. Even buying a few sessions from a great trainer at your local gym and having the trainer write you a weeks worth of workouts, repeat those for a month, then see the trainer again for a week the following month. The trainer will be able to assess your progress and adapt your program to ensure you get the most from it and that is better than some cookie cutter shit. 

I would be glad to help you with any advice you may be seeking. I'm also always open to suggestions for training guides to write that I provide for free on my site. If you're looking for something more customized, check out or ask me about my 1 on 1 coaching. I'd love to hear from you and help you achieve your fitness and health goals!